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curtis taylor

curtis taylor | 25
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My name is Curtis but you may know me as "Curty" or "crtyx_". I'm a 25 year old entrepreneur and sneakerhead originally from Hartlepool, North East England, but I'm now based in Grantham, Lincolnshire. I live with my girlfriend, Sophie, and my 7 year old border terrier, Mars. When I'm not working 16 hour days I enjoy binge watching crime dramas, thrillers, walking,  alternative bands [Hardcore, punk, emo etc] and of course fashion.

My background lies in all areas of design ranging from illustration to apparel production. From a young age I spent my time learning numerous softwares which are now considered to be industry standard and focused on pushing myself into learning new things.

Over the years this has benefited me not only in formal education but in all projects I've ran or been involved with. Due to my experience in the design industry I ended up picking up a lot of crucial skills in marketing, public relations, copyright/intellectual property and social media - This combined has understandably made me a very useful member of any team I'm a part of.

From running independent clothing brands at 16 to owning and operating limited businesses in my early twenties, I like to think that I'm living proof that with enough determination you can push yourself above social norms and achieve a comfortable living doing what you desire.

For business opportunities please email via the contact link above.